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i started playing the drums when i was 8 years old, my father played the accordion and  had his own band and wanted me to play accordion or keyboards,he bought me both to try and learn when around 5 years old but i was not interested in them all i wanted was drums, my mother could play the piano, my mother said i would drag her to see the pipes and drums and follow them all along the streets of edinburgh just to see the drummers,at the age of 9 my parents bought me 3 years of lessons at the edinburgh drum clinic where i was under lessons with Tam MacNaughton (toto) i done higher level reading etc, tam got me into doing drum solos and demos for pearl and tama drums at some big hotels etc, i played with my own band the lothian trio around the borders and edinburgh etc, i also had 2 years with a borders country band called the beachcombers, and filled in a few times for the allan cockburn dance band,so i have played just about every kind of music there is, for playing with dance bands you need to be spot on with your timing or the dancers would be put off there steps, my first kit was a premier , then tama , then pearl export, and the last 6 years roland td6, td12, td20, i like the electronic kits as you can have more fun with them,i dont play anymore as i have a bad back  cant sit long enough now to play them worst luck as i miss it like hell.  i was born in edinburgh in 1963 and lived with my parents in edinburgh my first live gig was with my dad at the age of 10 in a hotel in edinburgh called melville castle hotel i remember being so nervous, it was a wedding and they are long nights, i think we played for 4 hours, i was shattered, we played mostly at clubs and pubs in those days, 4 times a week i was playing with my dads band, my dad died when i was 16 and i started my own band then , for a few years before moving onto bigger things with big bands and  then after that played with some border bands, i have been doing lessons and doing work with roland on electronic drums , more fun with electronic drums you can play on 200 kits on the td20 , i love the sounds you can make , you can also make your own drum kits ,after leaving edinburgh we moved to a  village called reston in berwickshire, i lived there for 20 years, till i moved to eyemouth, i have a son andrew and a daughter laura.I am a football fan,the team i support is heart of midlothian football club, i have been going to see them since i was 6 years old, my father took me to see them in the 60s,and i have been a season ticket holder for 30 years, i bought shares in hearts when the redevelopment of the stadium was being done so they would have the money to build the wheatfield stand, when you bought the shares you got a brick with your name on it, i have seen them win the scottish cup in 1998 and in 2006, never seen them win the league yet but been 2nd a few times, my son andrew goes sometimes if one of my mates cant go as its hard to get him a ticket near us for the games as its mostly all season ticket holders in the area we sit in, my son and i support the arsenal as our english football team, i have seen them a few times but its a bit expensive to go down there for a game, well thats enough about me hope you enjoy my site will try update as much as i can, thanks for looking and let me know what you think, and if you need any help with anything drums let me know i will try help you as much as i can.

 ( background music is journey with open arms  with me on the drums )



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