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Welcome to the Tam Lothian drum site,i have made this site for drummers of all ages and styles, from beginners to professionals,i will have things for sale in my webstore once i am up and running, you can buy my cds and drum stuff here and pay for it thru paypal, i will have games for you to play in my fun stuff page, games like darts and deal or no deal for you to play, my blog page is where i will have things to say and tips about drumming, you can answer or ask questions here too, sign my guest page when you have been in to look at guest book page, my about me page is where you will see what i have been upto from youngster to present time,you can contact me on the contact page, look at my photos of me my family and drums etc,join other members at the members page, on the video page i will have the best drummers and videos of myself, i hope you like the site and enjoy my music and videos etc, let me know if you would like me to find other videos etc to put onto site and i will try my best to do this for you,i will be updating site often so keep looking for new things coming onto site.           ( background music is toto's africa instrumental with me on drums )

my first roland kit td6kv

this kit cost me £1,700 with the extras a great kit to start off with or for small gigs, great for practice the thing i like about the electronic kits is that you can be nice and quiet with them, just put on your earphones and no complaints from the buggers next door lol, plug them into a good amp and you can make as much noise as you like, they sound fantastic thru big powerfull systems, black pads start off at around £50-£60 new for good ones and go up to mesh heads which are more expensive and start of around £140- £400 new, you can buy second hand ones on sites like ebay etc.

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